Coffee Quality Has Improved Over The Years

Over the past decades, years, and even daily – coffee suppliers, roasters and retail outlets work to improve the quality of the coffee experience. A survey of American coffee drinkers shows that nearly 70% believe that the coffee they drink has improved compared to the past.

This could be due to efficiency in the supply change (freshness means better taste), studies about the chemicals in coffee and roasting tweaks or just the wider availability of coffee from better regions of the world. One thing for sure, is that we have more options than ever before for our morning brew. Everything from espresso based drinks, to lattes, mochachinos and even iced coffees gives us options to try new things. Substitutes for traditional methods (like flavoured coffee syrups instead of sugar) and an array of toppings (cinnamon, cocoa powder, whipped cream, chocolate shavings) let’s us be just a bit more adventurous.

Coffee makes for a great drink to socialize over – it’s something so inexpensive and universally accepted. Rarely will someone turn down an offer to go for a coffee with a friend and have a little chat.


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