Your Choices for Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee

hazelnutsHazelnut is one of the top flavoured coffee options – something about nuts and coffee just go so well together. This becomes particularly apparent around the holiday season (fall and winter), when the temperatures drop and we seek something to warm us up both physically and mentally. Halzenut has a creamy, warming attribute to it that’s ideal for perking you up on a chilly day.

How do you go about flavouring coffee with Hazelnut though? There are a couple options:

  • If you love the taste of hazelnut and can drink it all day, pre-infused hazelnut coffee is a simple choice
  • If you enjoy hazelnut but still want some variety, hazelnut flavoured syrups are a great way to add the flavour only when you want it
  • If convenience is your ultimate concern and you have a Keurig machine, k-cups give you a number of options for hazelnut flavoured coffee

See the full post at with links to products just for you.


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