Italian Soda Syrups and Recipes

Italian Sodas are simple to make right at home, with the same ingredients that high end coffee shops like Second Cup or Starbucks use. While simple to make, they’re undeniably refreshing and very versatile – they can be enjoyed at just about any time of day.

While you might end up paying $4.50 at a cafe for a glass or cup, the exact same thing can be made at home for about $0.50. If you’re from Canada, you can get Italian Soda Syrups from


Italian Soda Recipe

  • 3/4 Ice Cubes
  • 1 ounce  Flavoured Syrup (4 pumps, or 2 tablespoons)
  • Glass Club Soda or Sparkling Water

There are a couple flavoured syrup options on the market, with high end brands like Torani and Monin leading the way. The small squeeze bottles you can find in the grocery stores typically have a terrible flavour compared to the real syrups.

Lime Refresher

A refresher is simply a chilled green tea with a bit of carbonation and the same flavourings you use in the Italian Sodas. They’re similar to the Italian Soda with the exception of a bit of caffeine from the tea. Quite simple to make, they’re made from:

  1. Ice (3/4 glass)
  2. Flavoured Syrup (1 ounce)
  3. Green Tea (1/2 glass with ice)
  4. Club Soda or Sparkling Water (1/2 glass with ice)

Feeling adventurous? You can use black tea instead of green tea, which works well with flavours like Vanilla or Coconut. White teas go great with lighter, fruity flavours like Blueberry.


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